• How to Use a Mortgage Calculator

    How to Use a Mortgage Calculator0

    Are you the one person who is always doubtful about their calculations? This is a common thing, and most people often get stressed, especially while calculating their mortgage. It is nerve-wracking for many people. Therefore, to ease your mind and help you with these calculations, there are mortgage calculators.  Types of Mortgage calculators  You might

  • What Do Higher House Prices Mean For Buyers and Sellers In 2020?

    What Do Higher House Prices Mean For Buyers and Sellers In 2020?0

    2020 has been challenging for the real estate housing industry.  We all know that the real estate industry has been in a crisis due to the pandemic. There have been many fluctuations in the price and value of housing properties. Now, the median price for houses has spiked up to $320,000. Does the rest of

  • What Is a Homeowners Association Fee?

    What Is a Homeowners Association Fee?0

    A homeowner’s association fee, otherwise referred to as the property owners’ association due, is a monthly or yearly subscription paid by owners of residential properties such as single-family-homes and condominiums for maintenance, repair and improvement of the property and its amenities. Here is everything you need to know about homeowners association fee.  What Is the Cost?

  • The Pros and Cons of owning a Time-Share

    The Pros and Cons of owning a Time-Share0

    Opportunities for investing in a time-share have been around a very long time. Since its inception, people all over the world usually see this type of investment as a chance to vacation away from home, at least once a year without all of the added expenses of paying for hotels and other related expenses. This

  • How Opendoor works

    How Opendoor works0

    Opendoor sells your home without listing on the market and moves according to the client’s timeline. That means there are no listings, no showing, and no time for uncertainty about the location and time for the client’s move to the next home. Opendoor makes the process of buying and selling of homes simpler and less

  • Mortgage Application Documents for the Self-Employed

    Mortgage Application Documents for the Self-Employed0

    Owning a home is a dream that many people have. Fortunately, you have the option of applying for a mortgage to finance your dream home. Some of the things that the lenders will require from you are a good credit and proof of an income. Unfortunately, those who are self-employed may find it hard to